New book on world philosophies by Dr Chiara Robbiano

Chiara Robbiano, Associate Professor at University College Utrecht and member of the EDI Steering Committee published her new book Key Concepts in World Philosophies.

portretfoto chiara robbiano
Chiara Robbiano. Photo: Kees Gort

Crossing continents and running across centuries, Key Concepts in World Philosophies brings together contributions of 45 scholars, including many from the Global South. Their articles discuss core ideas associated with major Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Islamic, African, Ancient Greek, Indigenous and modern European philosophers.

The book is recommended reading to all – advanced readers as well as beginners - who are interested in re-thinking issues that are important to us in the 21st century by employing concepts coming from different times and traditions. 

“Contemporary Anglo-European philosophy often appears to be nothing but a temple to the achievements of dead white men. Key Concepts in World Philosophies, by Sarah Flavel and Chiara Robbiano, is a powerful antidote to philosophical ethnocentrism. This anthology is like a philosophical box of chocolates, with wide selections of delicious, "bite-sized" chapters that broaden our philosophical horizons and expand our conceptual toolkits. It is useful for both the timid beginner and the jaded cosmopolitan.” - Bryan W. Van Norden, James Monroe Taylor Chair in Philosophy, Vassar College, USA

Chiara Robbiano and Sarah Flavel (editors), Key Concepts in World Philosophies: A Toolkit for Philosophers, Bloomsbury Publishing, 2023, ISBN 9781350168138.