EDI Calendar 2024

At Utrecht University, we strive to create an inclusive, diverse and safe study and work environment for all staff and students. To make us more aware of them diversity in our work environment, celebrate them we are launching the EDI Calendar this year. The calendar includes a comprehensive list of (holi)days ranging from religious celebrations to national commemorations and focus on particular themes. , The calendar and offers students and staff the opportunity to increase their own cultural awareness.

Do you have additions or questions?

We have compiled the EDI Calendar with care by researching and reviewing calendars from other universities. Nevertheless, we are aware that the overview is not complete. Are you missing an important day or do you have questions or comments about the description? We would love to hear your feedback and recommendations. Please contact the EDI office at edi.office@uu.nl.

This calendar will be updated and expanded annually to ensure that it is complete and up-to-date. In doing so, we will include submitted suggestions.

Every employee is entitled to 1 day, or twice half a day, of free leave per year. You may decide at what time you take leave that is important to you, in consultation with your supervisor. As of 2024, it is possible, after consultation with your manager, to exchange Good Friday for another religious, national, regional or local holiday or day of remembrance. The conditions and how you can redeem the day can be found here.

Please note: The calendar does not entitle employees and students to demand that certain work- or study-related activities not take place on religious holidays, with the exception of official national holidays in the Netherlands.