1st Qualitative Research Methods Seminar


The Faculty Network for Qualitative Research, situated at the Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Utrecht University, extends a warm invitation to the inaugural seminar of our Network, an afternoon filled with new, creative, innovative qualitative research practices and a site to discuss our place as qualitative researchers in academia. 

We offer an afternoon of keynote speeches, Q&As, discussion panels, and workshops. Invited keynote speakers are: 

  • Prof. dr. Nanna Verhoeff (Screen Culture & Society), her current research focuses on the development of concepts and methods for the analysis of performative technologies, situated arts and media, and urban interfaces. She is (co-)initiator of the Open Cities Platform for the strategic theme Institutions for Open Societies at Utrecht University.
  • Prof. dr. Ajay Bailey (Human Geography and Spatial Planning), he is a core-team member of the Open Cities Platform and co-ordinates the Transdisciplinary Centre for Qualitative Methods – a joint initiative with Manipal University. He leads the research line Global Migration, Culture and Place working at the interface of anthropology, geography, demography, and public health. 
  • Prof. dr. Mara Yerkes (Comparative Social Policy), her research centres on the two broad themes of comparative social policy and social inequalities. She is the principal investigator of the European Research Council (ERC) project CAPABLE, a mixed-methods comparative study on gender inequalities in work-life balance in eight European countries. She is currently co-chair of the European Social Policy Analysis Network (ESPAnet). 
  • Dr. Sigrid Merx (Media and Culture Studies), her current research focuses on the dramaturgy of contemporary socially engaged theatre and performance practices, in particular performative interventions in public space. She is part of the UU research platforms ‘[urban interfaces]’ and Creative Urban Methods and community member of the Creative Humanities Academy. 

Our invited keynote speakers will tell us about their experiences and learnings employing creative and innovative qualitative and mixed-methods research strategies, followed by Q&As, discussion panels and workshops. During these activities, attendees will be invited to discuss pathways for enhancing the quality of our research practices and the types of organizational support required for this. 

Join us for an inspiring day of exploration, dialogue, and community building as we collectively chart the course for advancing our qualitative research practices. We are looking forward to seeing you there!