Parenting Programme Shabab van Nu!

In the project Shabab van Nu! (Youth of Today!) we research how Moroccan-Dutch parents learn and re-invent their parenting after migration. Families with a migration history often find themselves in the midst of rapid social and cultural change, leading to great challenges in parenting. This project studies the spaces and contact zones in which these parents explore and redefine their parenting practices. We look at how mothers and fathers negotiate the meaning of parenting practices both within their informal social networks and in the formal bottom-up parenting programme Shabab van Nu!. Drawing upon sociocultural perspectives of learning, our analyses focuses on the collective and transcultural learning processes of these parents.

Initially funded as an evaluation study by ZonMw, the research was extended in the form of a PhD project (Van Beurden) within the former UU research programme Education for Learning Societies. Read more about the project outcomes.