Research team

Mariette de Haan

Prof.dr.Mariette de Haan

“I’m impressed by the insights parents have gained in their own development and their willingness to learn from each other, their courage to let go of familiar ideas and explore new ones”.

Spark van Beurden

Spark van Beurden

“This  research has shown us that social spaces such as parents’ network and bottom-up initiatives are vital for families to feel in power to learn and re-invent their parenting practices in times of rapid social and cultural change”.

Eline van Houte

Eline van Houte, Msc

"It is fascinating to see how parents inspire and empower each other by sharing their experiences and advices in a safe setting such as the training groups. The research shows how important it is to have a social network where opinions and practices are being respected and discussed and where reflection and development takes place."

Anna Wroblewska

Anna Wróblewska, Msc

"By complementing their knowledge with new parenting tips, the training gave parents an opportunity to enhance their sense of competency, which helps them to cope with the challenge of parenting in a multi-cultural context."

Funding by ZonMW
Project partner Stichting Attanmia