All-risk: Implementation of new risk standards in the Dutch flood protection programme

All-risk aims at supporting the ambitious Dutch Flood Protection Programme (Hoogwaterbeschermingsprogramma, HWBP) objectives in implementing new flood safety norms, which were incorporated in the Dutch Water Law in January 2017.

The Delta Works

The research project was set up with an interdisciplinary perspective, bringing together researchers from engineering, geotechnical, spatial planning and social sciences disciplines, and aimed at delivering detailed, technical findings and insights in integration and stakeholder collaboration.

Utrecht University participates in the consortium of All-risk, which is coordinated by TU Delft. Researchers from Utrecht University are working on work packages on Heterogeneity in Subsoil (to improve current estimates of dike-failure probabilities for mechanisms that are related to subsurface characteristics by using genetic information on natural heterogeneity) and Law, Governance and Implementation (on implementation of a risk-based approach in the HWBP).


Involved faculties

Faculty of Geosciences, Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance

Other consortium partners

TU Delft, University of Twente, Deltares, Radboud University Nijmegen, Wageningen University & Research, Rijkswaterstaat, STOWA, etc.

Project period: 2016-2021.