Research Approach

Finding pathways to resilient and sustainable delta development requires understanding both the external drivers of change and the functioning and interaction of natural and social systems that can be managed in a delta. Our community brings these areas of expertise together in three research lines in order to develop sustainable pathways for deltas.

Water, Climate & Future Deltas approach
Approach of the Water, Climate & Future Deltas hub. Credit: Utrecht University.


Our researchers work together closely with stakeholders in a co-creative process using an interdisciplinary approach to understand boundary conditions and drivers, predict the impacts and develop possible pathways of development in a range of deltas such as the Rhine-Meuse delta in the Netherlands and the Mekong delta in Vietnam and Cauvery delta in India.

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Deltas are complex systems. To sustain and manage them, we require knowledge on the natural system functioning, land and water governance, spatial planning and legislative frameworks. Explore some of the interdisciplinary research topics of the Water, Climate and Future Deltas hub in the storylines below.

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