Cauvery delta

The Cauvery delta in Southern India is under increasing human and natural pressure. Both global and local change drivers such as intensifying human activity, increasing climatic extremes, changing river flow regimes and sea-level rise, have put the delta and its population at increasing risk. The research project 'Pathways towards a sustainable and inclusive Cauvery Delta' tries to understand the interactions between humans, the engineered and the natural systems through an integrated modelling approach and to identify possible pathways and their tipping points.


As a part of this project, a Citizen Science Campaign Program has been planned to understand the changes in the ground water depth (Storyline: Drought in deltas) and salinity across the Cauvery delta districts. The Citizen Science Program is a participatory research engagement involving farmers, students, youth groups and any people residing and having knowledge about delta. The data collected will be available in the form of a dashboard, which will be available as open data for the public. This will also be of great use for the people involved in the decision-making process in the delta.

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