True or false: you snooze, you lose?

The Utrecht Young Academy collaborates with the University Museum Utrecht in the series True or False?: an educational programme in which researchers show primary school children how science works. Pupils are given the opportunity to contribute to the research of the academic, instead of the academic solely teaching the children. In the most recent programme, pupils investigate what territory means together with dr. Borja Martinovic.

Waar of niet waar
Photo: Wessel Spoelder

True or False? is designed specifically for primary schools in the Utrecht area. Pupils from classes 5 and 6 can discover how to conduct proper research - and how fun that can be. They work on this with the help of a member of the Utrecht Young Academy and a bright yellow suitcase with something special inside. 

The latest programme of True or False? focusses on territory. Pupils investigate when someone is considered in charge of a place. To find out the answer to the research question, the students act out a number of situations. They receive help from dr. Borja Martinovic. Borja studies group identities, ethnic relations, and immigrant integration and is a member of the Utrecht Young Academy.

Take a look at the classroom introduction below (in Dutch).