Social responsibility: can an astronaut’s perspective on Earth affect people’s treatment of nature?

ARTIS planetarium

The mission and vision of Artis are based on the concept that nature is the teacher of art and science. Their mission is to inspire and encourage the general public to treat nature in a responsible manner, by bringing nature closer and informing people about their impact on the planet.

At ARTIS-Planetarium, shows are presented that provide the audience an astronaut’s view on Earth: on the small delicate planet we live on, surrounded by endless space. This experience can make people aware of the beauty and vulnerability of our planet, and give them renewed motivation to protect the fragile ecosystems on Earth. But which images and stories most effectively stimulate motivations and behavioral change of visitors? Can this unique experience impact on their daily choices, after they leave the Planetarium? These are the questions we aim to answer in our collaboration with ARTIS-Planetarium. In this project, we focus on psychological mechanisms like hope, action perspectives, group processes and social norms (‘Isn’t it too late?’, ‘Will my contribution matter?’, ‘What can I do?’, 'Will others do that too?’).

UU employees working in the project

Non-UU employees working in the project

  • Milo Grootjen
  • Charlotte van Dixhoorn


This project is carried out in collaboration with Artis.