Diversity and Inclusion lab

Increasing employee diversity can add an enormous amount of value to your organization – provided that you manage this well, and take advantage of scientific insights on what works well and what doesn’t.

Migration and changing social relationships are making organisations more diverse. Work teams are increasingly made up of people from different cultural backgrounds and gender, and with a wide range of values and preferences. More diversity can lead to better organisational results but also brings new challenges. What can organisations do to make everyone feel at home? And how do you make sure that both employer and staff fully benefit from diversity on the work floor?

These are the kind of issues we are investigating at the Diversity lab. We look at diversity from the perspectives of all parties involved. That enables us to can gain a better understanding of the factors which play a role in the effective management of diversity and inclusion in organisations.

One example of the work done at the Diversity lab is the Netherlands Inclusivity Monitor, which was developed in collaboration with partner organisations ADG dienstengroep.  Its aim is to create tools based on scientific research to help organisations achieve diversity and the inclusion of different target groups. You can find out more about the Netherlands Inclusivity Monitor.

Apart from the organisation-specific approach of the Netherlands Inclusivity Monitor we also offer wide ranging, research-based advice. An example of this is this guideline on the (non) sense of anti-bias training programmes (in Dutch).