Correcting for bias in supervision

Illustratie van een groep zakenlieden

The decision-making of supervisors (in Dutch: ‘toezichthouders’) is of great importance to effectively manage risks within institutions or markets that are under regulation. In my PhD project, I aim to identify blindspots in supervisory decision-making at the individual and group level. Because this topic has almost exclusively been examined from a governance and legal perspective, this project takes a novel approach by applying psychological insights to supervisory practice. By using various methods (e.g., vignette experiment, decision-making task, longitudinal questionnaire), I investigate to what extent supervisors fall prone to overconfidence bias. I also examine whether popular decision-making tools are effective in improving group decisions and what role leaders can play in creating optimal conditions for decision-making in supervisory teams.
The PhD research is completed on 12 May 2022.


This project is funded by the Spinoza prize Naomi Ellemers and the Autoriteit Financiële Markten (AFM).


Supervisors UU

Supervisor RUG

  • Prof. mr. dr. Femke de Vries