Special Interest Groups

In the spring of 2022 four Special Interest Groups have been awarded funding from the Focus Area Migration and Societal Change. All SIGs bring scholars form various faculties and disciplines together to work on one common topic. A wide variety in topics has been chosen and we proudly present the four selected SIGs to you.

Reconfigure the Mobile Worlds: Engaging Migration with Contemporary Art
Contact person: Xuan Ma (UU)
Group members: Xuan Ma (UU), Prof. Sandra Ponzanesi (UU), Dr. Alison Boyd (UU), Dr. Özge Bilgili (UU), Dr. Pooyan Tamimi Arab (UU), Dr. Rebekah Ahrendt (UU), Dr. Lorena De Vita (UU), Dr. Domitilla Olivieri (UU), Dr. Sjoukje van der Meulen (UU), Prof. dr. Eva-Maria Troelenberg (Heinrich-Heine Universität Düsseldorf), Cila Brosius (New York University), Joanna Mardal (UU), Ester Driel (UU).

Reception of the Russia - Ukraine war refugees in Europe
Contact person: Dr. Veronika Nagy (UU)
Group members: Dr. Veronika Nagy, Prof. Dr. Dina Siegel-Rozenblit (UU), Ekaterina Guseva (UU), Dr. Meta van der Linden (UU), Prof. Dr. Albert Ali Salah (UU
Saira Wahid (UU).

The rise of the radical right in Europe: An interdisciplinary approach
Contact person: Dr. Anouk Smeekes (UU)
Group members: Dr. Anouk Smeekes (UU), Dr. Koen Damhuis (UU), Dr. Ekaterina Rashkova-Gerbrands (UU)

Multidisciplinary PhD group
Contact person: Jana Finke (UU) & Carolien Lubberhuizen (UU)