About us

Migration and Societal Change promotes interdisciplinary collaboration and experimentation between Utrecht University researchers, students, and societal stakeholders. More than 100 scholars from various fields such as anthropology, history, human geography,  social and behavioural sciences, law, linguistics, media studies, philosophy, and religious studies, collaborate to gain new insights about migration. We aim to be an open university platform where knowledge is widely shared and communicated.

Entry of group of immigrants at the border (photo: istock.com / wabeno)

Thematically, Migration and Societal Change concentrates on migration to and between European countries in the 20th and 21st century. This is placed into a larger historical framework (to include e.g. (post)colonial constellations), and approached from a transnational perspective that understands Europe as co-constituted by and entangled with other parts of the world.

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