Cancer Utrecht

With its consistent rise in incidence, cancer increasingly poses a burden on patients, their families and society.  To unravel the complexity of the disease, from its origin to its clinical behavior, a multidisciplinary approach at all levels is required. In that regard, Utrecht Science Park (USP) offers the ultimate and unique environment for extensive collaborations in cancer science and education between various public and private partners.

As a first step, five public partners on Utrecht Science Park have combined their expertise in a comprehensive cancer platform named CANCER UTRECHT.

The key to develop innovations that improve the outcome of cancer patients is found in a multidisciplinary scientific approach.

Within its six thematic communities, multidisciplinary expertise, ranging from fundamental to translational and clinical-and population science, will be connected. Close interaction between cancer scientists from a variety of professional backgrounds will fuel new ideas and facilitate ground-breaking research and innovation that will contribute to a lesser cancer burden.

Cancer Utrecht Ambassadors

Our ambassadors will be responsible for defining the strategy and future goals of our Comprehensive Cancer Utrecht platform. 

Support: Alice Tondeur

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