In the past years, Utrecht University and the University Medical Center Utrecht joined forces through sharing of cost-intensive equipment and facilities. In addition, several large knowledge centres were founded that may be truly qualified as ‘centres of excellence’.

Utrecht Centre for Medical Metabolomics

The Utrecht Centre for Medical Metabolomics is specialised in the study of metabolites in individual cells, tissues, and body fluids in context of biological perturbations and nutritional status. Read more (in Dutch)

Utrecht Biofabrication Facility

The Utrecht Biofabrication Facility aims at expediting emerging biofabrication technologies in areas of regenerative medicine, 3D in vitro cell culture models and therapeutic treatments. Read more 

DNA Analysis Expertise Center

Equipment and expertise (including bioinformatics) for small- and large-scale DNA and RNA analysis. Applications that are covered are: Targeted and genome-wide SNP and mutation detection and discovery (SNPs, in/dels, copy number variation, structural variation), ChIP-Seq, RNA-seq, chromatine organization, small RNA analysis. Read more

Cell Screening Center

The Cell Screening Center, (CSC), is a well-established center for high throughput screening. The Center specializes in the development and use of advanced high content, cell-based assays for a wide variety of applications. Read more 

Lipidomics Facility

The Lipidomics Facility houses chromatographic- and mass spectrometric equipment that is specialized in the analysis of lipids. It provides complete molecular nalyses of a broad spectrum of (phospho)lipids in the picomole range as well as analysis of unusual lipids. Read more

Microarray Facility

The Microarray Facility houses a unique, robotics-based, high-throughput facility for DNA microarray mRNA expression-profiling analysis. The facility believes The facility believes that DNA microarray experiments should be a calibrated and trustworthy measurement technology rather than a numbers-generating screen for differential gene expression. Read more 

SON NMR Large Scale Facility

The research of the NMR group aims at gaining fundamental insight into molecular processes using solution and solid-state NMR spectroscopy as the main biophysical experimental techniques. Read more

National Single Crystal X-ray Facility

The National Single Crystal X-ray Facility at Utrecht University offers crystal structure determinations to synthetic chemists at universities, institutes and companies in The Netherlands. Read more

Electron Microscopy Utrecht

Electron Microscopy Utrecht is devoted to the development and application of technologies for (cryo) specimen preparation, 3D (cryo) electron microscopy data collection, as well as image analysis for cell biology and material sciences applications. Read more

Cell Therapy Facility

In the Cell Therapy Facility the manufacturing of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP’s) and non-ATMP's for several clinical trials is being performed. Our expertise is focused on translational research ("from bench to bedside") compliant with (inter)national legislation. 

Dutch Molecular Pathology Center

The Dutch Molecular Pathology Center (DMPC) is a center of excellence that provides cutting–edge techniques and expertise in the molecular and morphological analysis of experimental animals for research of academic and industrial parties. Read more

Biology Imaging Center

The Biology Imaging Center is hosted by the Cell Biology group of the Department of Biology and provides access, support and training in advanced light and fluorescent microscopy techniques for research groups within the department of Biology and also to groups from other institutes within and outside Utrecht. Read more

Proteins At Work

At the Biomolecular Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics group access is provided for large scale proteomics experiments as well as native MS for structural analysis of proteins and protein complexes. The facility has a dedicated service unit (Ablab) that provides commercial access to state of the art native mass spectrometry (MS) services. Read more

Center for Cell Imaging

The Center for Cell Imaging (CCI) provides scientific advice and supply training on CCI equipment to efficiently produce imaging data. It also offers its expertise and network to strengthen grant applications by including new developments in imaging technology. Read more


You can book a scope at the Center for Cell Imaging through their Reserve-a-Scope Facility Booking System.


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Flow cytometry 

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Real-time PCR system  

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