Science for Life


The Science for Life community represents and connects all fundamental and technology-driven research in the life sciences at the Utrecht campus. Spanning three faculties, our world-leading fundamental research is eminently positioned to feed into the research in the other Life Sciences communities.   

Science for Life website

Science for Life board

Board members play an active role in facilitating strategic positioning and visibility of the community. Selected from a cross-section of the community, they are positioned to bring talented people together and to stimulate multidisciplinary research that help to strengthen the community.

Breeding ground for our innovation ecosystem

All Nobel Prize winners are awarded for their discoveries that fill a gap in our current knowledge. The ‘spill-over’ from their findings generate progress and shape our society. We recognise the importance of scientific curiosity and have created the Science for Life domain in Utrecht that serves as a breeding ground for our innovation ecosystem. Without understanding how things work, we can’t fix them when they’re broken. In this day of modern diseases, this is critical. Fundamental science - biology, chemistry, physics, math – is our toolbox with which we can make smart solutions for medicine, our environment and technology.