About Life Sciences

We create innovative health solutions for societal challenges

Our mission is to preserve health, diagnose and treat disease and create affordable and accessible health solutions. Therefore, Utrecht Life Sciences innovates in sustainable human, veterinary and plant health and resilience. It is our vision that interdisciplinary research in molecular and technological science creates the basis for the translation towards innovative solutions for societal health challenges.

Utrecht Life Science network

Utrecht Life Sciences connects public and private partners at the Utrecht Science Park (USP) for interdisciplinary research, valorisation and education.

Our network of more than 4000 Life Sciences researchers is organized in six interconnected thematic communities. With their interdisciplinary research they create impact on then major societal health challenges for future generations.


The Life Sciences network is coordinated by a small core team headed by the vice dean of Life sciences under responsibility of the deans of the faculties of Science, Medicine and Veterinary Medicine. The Life Sciences Board (representatives of the public partners) advises on strategic topics related to current and future developments that are of relevance to Utrecht Life Sciences.