The Plant Growth Centre has a wide range of possibilities to monitor plant (growth) parameters.

Plant Growth Analysis:

  • Continuous Camera System for monitoring plant movement
  • Transducers for measuring leaf / petiole growth
  • Extensometers for measuring cell wall extensibility

Hormone Analysis:

  • Ethylene GC ppb-level detection
  • Photoacoustic ethylene detector online ppt-level detection

Gaseous Molecules Mixing System:

  • Ethylene / low oxygen ( N2 ) / CO in growth cabinets and desiccators

Light Treatment System:

  • R / FR LED boxes
  • Light filtering (Lee/Rosco filters)

Photosynthesis Analysis:

  • Gas Exchange measurements:
    - Leaf Chamber devices for photosynthesis measurements
    - Whole Plant devices for photosynthesis measurements
    - Portable photosynthesis equipment for measurements on location
  • ​Fluorescence Fv / Fm fluorescence capacity of individual leaves