About us

The scientists at the Institute of Environmental Biology (IEB) combine molecular biology, physiology and ecogenomics with plant, animal and microbial ecology at different organizational levels of life - from genes, cells and organisms to population communities and entire ecosystems. Our interdisciplinary programme covers a broad range of topics organized into five interconnected research groups – Molecular Plant Physiology; Plant-Microbe Interactions; Plant-Environment Signaling; Ecology and Biodiversity; and Animal Ecology. Thanks to our state-of-the-art facilities, including the Phytotron  and greenhouses in the Botanical Garden, we provide a high level research environment to our staff and students, as well as to our network of (inter)national research partners.

It is our ambition to further develop national and international leadership in integrated biological studies of plants, microbes and animals and to create a stimulating, competitive environment for talented young scientists.