Research groups

The Institute of Environmental biology comprises 6 Research groups:

In addition, the IEB has special professorships providing additional expertise in the following fields:

Fungal Molecular Physiology (Prof. Ronald P. de Vries) – KNAW-CBS, Utrecht
Mycorhiza Ecology (Prof.dr. Marcel G.A. van der Heijden) – Agroscope, Zurich, Switzerland
Molecular Physiology of Rice (Prof.dr. Julia Bailey-Serres) – University of California, Riverside, USA
Prince Bernhard Chair for International Nature Conservation (Prof.dr. Jaboury Ghazoul) – ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Microbial Ecology of Wetlands (Prof.dr. Riks Laanbroek) – KNAW-NIOO, Wageningen
Aquatic Ecology (Prof.dr. Ellen van Donk) – KNAW-NIOO, Wageningen
Sustainable Ecological Forest Managment (Prof.dr. René G.A. Boot) – Tropenbos International
Ethology and Welfare (Prof. dr. Berry M. Spruyt)