Research groups

The Institute of Environmental biology comprises 6 Research groups:

Animal Behaviour and Cognition (formerly Animal Ecology)

Animal Behaviour and Cognition group headed by Prof. dr. Liesbeth Sterck

In addition, the IEB has special professorships providing additional expertise in the following fields:

Fungal Molecular Physiology (Prof. Ronald P. de Vries) – KNAW-CBS, Utrecht
Mycorhiza Ecology (Prof.dr. Marcel G.A. van der Heijden) – Agroscope, Zurich, Switzerland
Molecular Physiology of Rice (Prof.dr. Julia Bailey-Serres) – University of California, Riverside, USA
Prince Bernhard Chair for International Nature Conservation (Prof.dr. Jaboury Ghazoul) – ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Microbial Ecology of Wetlands (Prof.dr. Riks Laanbroek) – KNAW-NIOO, Wageningen
Aquatic Ecology (Prof.dr. Ellen van Donk) – KNAW-NIOO, Wageningen
Sustainable Ecological Forest Managment (Prof.dr. René G.A. Boot) – Tropenbos International
Ethology and Welfare (Prof. dr. Berry M. Spruyt)