Confronting Global Health Inequities

Utrecht University Centre for Global Challenges (UGlobe) and UMC Utrecht Global Health have joined forces at confronting global health inequities. Guided by the principle of "Leaving no-one behind", this collaboration focuses on addressing complex health challenges worldwide. Central to our mission is the field of global health, which prioritizes achieving health equity for all individuals, regardless of geographical or socioeconomic background.

Recognizing historical injustices and disparities, this collaboration aims to bridge gaps in understanding and implementation of equitable healthcare practices. Through transdisciplinary research and advocacy, our partnership strives to create a more just and inclusive world where everyone has access to quality healthcare.

The global health flagship strives to contribute to three critical global health challenges:

  1. Health equity and justice;
  2. Fair knowledge practices (epistemic justice) in global health;
  3. Planetary health and climate justice.

Have a look at the Global Health team and the project highlights on the UGlobe website and visit the Global Health website for more information.

Health and Democracy

On 26 March, Utrecht University will celebrate its 388th Dies Natalis. At this occasion the Global Health initiative will host a panel discussion on the topic of Health and Democracy.

Never before has the gap between scientific potential and economic capability to ensure universal health been so stark. Preventable diseases are rampant, influenced by daily political decisions on tobacco, food, fossil fuels, and alcohol. Our legal system struggles, as evidenced by failures such as the childcare benefits scandal and inadequate youth welfare.

However, health is a human right and a political choice. How can we use democracy and the rule of law to achieve the WHO's goal of health for all? Join us as experts Charisma Hehakaya, Elbert de Jong, and Alexander Rinnooy Kan share insights on this pressing issue.


388th Dies Natalis website