Corona pandemic research in Utrecht

This dossier is last updated in March 2021 and will not be updated anymore.

Working for a better world

The coronavirus has an enormous impact on our society. And over a long period of time. Utrecht University is working interdisciplinarily to combat the virus and to find solutions to the social issues that the virus brings with it.

Eight of our scientists on corona

Peter Rottier, professor Virology and Infectious Diseases

Peter Rottier

Peter Rottier spent more than 40 years researching coronaviruses. His research is now more relevant than ever. He specializes in veterinary virology, molecular virology, cell biology of viral infections, and viral vaccines.

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Arjan Stegeman, professor Veterinary Epidemiology

Arjan Stegeman

Arjan Stegeman presently leads the large-scale research project 'Fighting COVID-19 in animals and humans, a one health approach'. His research area is epidemiology of infectious diseases in farmed animals aiming to elucidate mechanisms of transmission and spread and quantify the effectiveness of intervention measures. 

In the media: What's the risk that animals will spread the coronavirus? 
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Jan van Tartwijk, head Education and Pedagogy

Jan van Tartwijk often indicates the effect of the corona crisis on school-aged children in the media. Furthermore, he focuses on the communication processes between teacher and students, workplace learning, and testing & assessment.

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Catrin Finkenauer, professor youth studies

Catrin Finkenauer

Catrin Finkenauer is a professor in interdisciplinary social science and youth studies. She notices a clear effect of the corona crisis on the psyche and well-being of children who cannot go to school because of the crisis. Catrin's areas of expertise are child welfare, family relationships, love relationships, friendship, child abuse, and parent-child relationships.

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José van Dijck, Professor media and digital society

Hoogleraar Jose van Dijck

As an expert in the field of media techniques and digital society, José van Dijck is focused on the societal impact of the crisis in relation to digital technology. In addition, Van Dijck was one of the experts in a hearing in the Dutch House of Representatives on corona apps.

In the mediaScientists question new corona apps

Paul 't Hart, professor Public Governance

Paul 't Hart

As an expert in the field of crisis communication, Paul 't Hart offers a great deal of insight into the actions of the government with regard to the corona crisis. Further areas of expertise are policy evaluation, political-administrative and administrative leadership, and public organizations.

In the media: Strategic crisis leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic | Facing the Corona crisis: challenges to political leadership
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Maarten Hajer, professor Urban Futures

According to Maarten Hajer, the corona crisis is an urban problem that the Netherlands is not prepared for. His areas of expertise are climate change, urban planning, sustainability, democracy and citizenship, collaborative governance, sustainable development, and smart cities.

In the mediaSustainability in times of corona
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Detlef van Vuuren, professor Geosciences

Detlef van Vuuren calls for this crisis to be used to restore the climate. Within his field, he focuses on the relationship between climate change and trends in global energy consumption, climate policy, and scenario development.

Contact+31 6 11 956 | (Twitter) @DetlefvanVuuren

Researcher and interested in COVID research?

Take a look at the list of scientists of the focus area Applied Data Science of Utrecht University. On this list you will find several scientists from Utrecht University and UMC Utrecht who are involved in the application of data science in COVID-19 related research and who are open to collaborations with other researchers.