prof. dr. Catrin Finkenauer
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Interdisciplinary Social Sciences: Youth Studies

Combining social, clinical, experimental, biological, and developmental research, Prof. Finkenauer’s work centers on the costs and benefits of relationships for young people’s health and wellbeing. Her research focuses on interpersonal dynamics and examines how relationship partners influence each other. She is interested in all sorts of relationships: Parent-child relationships, intimate relationships, and friendships. The research of her team seeks to understand how relationship partners bring out the best and the worst in each other. It aims to identify means of fostering harmonious relationships and preventing misunderstandings and conflict. Within this broad theme, the research of her team spans different topics, including secrecy, disclosure, privacy invasion, trust, self-control, family violence, divorce, and child abuse. 

Strategic themes / Focus areas
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All publications
  2018 - Scholarly publications
Buyukcan-Tetik, Asuman, Finkenauer, Catrin & Bleidorn, Wiebke (01.02.2018). Within-person variations and between-person differences in self-control and wellbeing. Personality and Individual Differences, 122, (pp. 72-78) (7 p.).
  2017 - Scholarly publications
Hales, Andrew, Dvir, Maayan, Wesselmann, Eric D., Kruger, Daniel J. & Finkenauer, C. (2017). Cell phone-induced ostracism threatens fundamental needs. Journal of Social Psychology
Vu, Tuong Van, Finkenauer, Catrin, Huizinga, Mariette, Novin, Sheida & Krabbendam, Lydia (23.08.2017). Do individualism and collectivism on three levels (country, individual, and situation) influence theory-of-mind efficiency? A cross-country study. PLoS One, 12 (8) (20 p.).
Conradi, Henk Jan, Dingemanse, Pieter, Noordhof, Arjen, Finkenauer, Catrin & Kamphuis, Jan H. (04.09.2017). Effectiveness of the 'Hold me Tight' Relationship Enhancement Program in a Self-referred and a Clinician-referred Sample - An Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy-Based Approach. Family Process © 2017 Family Process Institute..
Finkenauer, C., Buyukcan-Tetik, Asuman, Schoemaker, K., Willems, Yayouk, Bartels, Meike & Baumeister, Roy F. (2017). Examining the role of self-regulatory strength in family violence. In Denise de Ridder, Marieke Adriaanse & Ken Fuijta (Eds.), The Routledge International Handbook of Self-Control in Health and Wellbeing (pp. 340-352). Routledge.
Visser, Margreet, Finkenauer, Catrin, Schoemaker, Kim, Kluwer, Esther, van der Rijken, Rachel, van Lawick, Justine, Bom, Hans, de Schipper, J. Clasien & Lamers-Winkelman, Francien (15.06.2017). I’ll Never Forgive You - High Conflict Divorce, Social Network, and Co-Parenting Conflicts. Journal of Child and Family Studies, (pp. 1-12) (12 p.).
Buyukcan-Tetik, Asuman, Campbell, Lorne, Finkenauer, Catrin, Karremans, Johan C. & Kappen, Gesa (2017). Ideal Standards, Acceptance, and Relationship Satisfaction - Latitudes of Differential Effects. Frontiers in Psychology, 8, (pp. 1691).
Finkenauer, C., Visser, Margreet, Schoemaker, K. & de Kruijff, Annelies (2017). Kenmerken van vechtscheidende gezinnen: - Een beschrijvend onderzoek naar ouders en kinderen die verwikkeld zijn in een vechtscheiding. Tijdschrift voor Orthopedagogiek, 56 (444-456).
Albuquerque, Sara, Buyukcan-Tetik, Asuman, Stroebe, Margaret S, Schut, Henk A W, Narciso, Isabel, Pereira, Marco & Finkenauer, Catrin (2017). Meaning and coping orientation of bereaved parents - Individual and dyadic processes. PLoS One, 12 (6), (pp. e0178861).
ter Kuile, H., Kluwer, E.S., Finkenauer, C. & van der Lippe, Tanja (06.09.2017). Predicting adaptation to parenthood - The role of responsiveness, gratitude, and trust. Personal Relationships, 24 (3), (pp. 663-682).
Pronk, Tila, Buyukcan-Tetik, Asuman, Hol, Marina & Finkenauer, C. (24.07.2017). Self-control and forgiveness in marriage: - A dyadic latent growth curve analysis. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships
Pronk, Tila M., Finkenauer, Catrin & Kuijer, Roeline G. (01.01.2017). Self-regulation in close relationships. Foundations for Couples' Therapy: Research for the Real World (pp. 345-354) (10 p.). Taylor and Francis.
Schut, H.A.W., Finkenauer, C., Buyukcan-Tetik, Asuman & Harrold, M.S. (2017). Tevredenheid over de relatie na het overlijden van een kind. Systeemtherapie. Tijdschrift voor Systeemtheoretische Psychotherapie, 29 (3).
Reis, Harry T., Lemay, Edward P. & Finkenauer, Catrin (01.03.2017). Toward understanding understanding - The importance of feeling understood in relationships. Social and Personality Psychology Compass, 11 (3).
  2017 - Professional publications
Visser, Margreet, van Delft, Ivanka, de Schipper, J. Clasien & Finkenauer, C. (2017). Academische Werkplaats aanpak Kindermishandeling: - Onderzoek en implicaties voor de praktijk. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.
Antokolskaia, Masha, Coenraad, L.M., Tomassen-
van der Lans, Marit, van den Berg, C. J. W., Kaljee, J., Roorda, H.N., Bijleveld, Catrien, Finkenauer, C., de Groot, G, Dirkse, M, Schellevis, T & Sijtesema, M.C. (2017). Evaluatie pilot preventie vechtscheidingen en pilot regierechter echtscheidingen. Raad voor de rechtspraak.
Antokolskaia, M.V., Coenraad, L.M., Tomassen-
van der Lans, Marit, van den Berg, C. J. W., Kaljee, J., Roorda, H.N., Bijleveld, C.C.J.H., Finkenauer, C., de Groot, G., Dirkse, M., Schellevis, T. & Sijtesema, M.C. (2017). Evaluatie pilot preventie vechtscheidingen en pilot regierechter echtscheidingen. (240 p.). Den Haag: Raad voor de rechtspraak.
Finkenauer, C. (21.03.2017). Ongeduldig? Count your blessings. Psychologie Magazine
  2017 - Popularising publications
Kluwer, E.S. & Finkenauer, C. (2017). Hoe kun je vechtscheidingen voorkomen?. Hoe zwaar is licht. - Meer dan 100 dringende vragen aan de wetenschap
Schoemaker, K., Visser, Margreet, van Lawick, Justine & Finkenauer, C. (2017). Vechtscheidingen - Beleving en ervaringen van ouders en kinderen en verandering na Kinderen uit de Knel. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.
  2016 - Scholarly publications
van Delft, Ivanka, Finkenauer, Catrin, Tybur, Joshua M. & Lamers-Winkelman, Francien (01.06.2016). Disgusted by Sexual Abuse - Exploring the Association Between Disgust Sensitivity and Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms Among Mothers of Sexually Abused Children. Journal of Traumatic Stress, 29 (3), (pp. 237-244) (8 p.).
Visser, Margreet, Schoemaker, Kim, de Schipper, Clasien, Lamers-Winkelman, Francien & Finkenauer, C. (04.06.2016). Interparental Violence and the Mediating Role of Parental Availability in Children's Trauma Related Symptoms. Journal of Child and Adolescent Trauma, 9 (2), (pp. 115-125) (11 p.).
Lennarz, Hannah K, Lichtwarck-Aschoff, Anna, Finkenauer, Catrin & Granic, Isabela (15.11.2016). Jealousy in adolescents' daily lives - How does it relate to interpersonal context and well-being?. Journal of Adolescence, 54, (pp. 18-31) (14 p.). Copyright © 2016 The Foundation for Professionals in Services for Adolescents. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved..
Finkenauer, C. (01.01.2016 01.01.2017) Chair Kernteam Nationale Wetenschapsagenda Conflict en Cooperatie (External organisation) Lid Kernteam Nationale Wetenschapsagenda Conflict en Cooperatie
Visser, Margreet, Overbeek, Mathilde M., De Schipper, J. Clasien, Schoemaker, Kim, Lamers-Winkelman, Francien & Finkenauer, Catrin (01.04.2016). Mother-child emotion dialogues in families exposed to interparental violence. Journal of Child Custody, 13 (2-3), (pp. 178-198).
Finkenauer, C. (07.06.2016) Invited speaker Teambijeenkomst GGD Amsterdam Amsterdam (07.06.2016) Mythes Rondom Geheimhouding
Finkenauer, C. (30.05.2016) Invited speaker 3rd Consortium Meeting ACTION Cagliari (30.05.2016 - 31.05.2016) Review Prevention and Intervention Strategies for Childhood Aggression
Finkenauer, C. (12.04.2016) Invited speaker CAS research day 2016 (12.04.2016) Self-control in relationships: Relational and dyadic processes
Finkenauer, C. (20.05.2016) Invited speaker Colloquium, Social Psychology, Tilburg University (20.05.2016) Self-control in relationships: Relational and dyadic processes
Pronk, Tila, Finkenauer, C. & Kuijer, R.G. (2016). Self-regulation in close relationships: The case of Judy and Sam Munroe. In Jennifer Fitzgerald (Eds.), Foundations for couples' therapy: Research for the real world
Bleidoorn, Wiebke, Buyukcan-Tetik, Asuman, Schwaba, Ted, van Scheppingen, Manon A., Denissen, Jaap J. A. & Finkenauer, C. (01.08.2016). Stability and change in self-esteem during the transition to parenthood. Social Psychological and Personality Science, 7 (6), (pp. 560-569) (10 p.).
Buyukcan-Tetik, Asuman, Finkenauer, Catrin, Schut, Henk, Stroebe, Margaret & Stroebe, Wolfgang (2016). The Impact of Bereaved Parents' Perceived Grief Similarity on Relationship Satisfaction. Journal of Family Psychology (c) 2016 APA, all rights reserved)..
Finkenauer, C. & Righetti, Francesca (01.07.2016). Trust and the perception of self-control - Knowing when to trust others. In Kathleen D. Vohs & Roy F. Baumeister (Eds.), Handbook of self-regulation - Research, theory, and applications (pp. 247-263). New York: Guilford Press.
Finkenauer, C. (01.05.2016 01.02.2017) Chair WODC Begeleidingscommissie Scholierenonderzoek Kindermishandeling (External organisation) Lid Begeleidingscommissie
  2016 - Other output
Finkenauer, C. (01.10.2016). Familierelaties.
  2015 - Scholarly publications
Donato, Silvia, Parise, Miriam, Iafrate, Raffaella, Bertoni, Anna, Finkenauer, Catrin & Bodenmann, Guy (21.08.2015). Dyadic coping responses and partners’ perceptions for couple satisfaction - An actor–partner interdependence analysis. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 32 (5), (pp. 580-600) (21 p.).
Telman, Machteld D., Overbeek, Mathilde M., de Schipper, J. Clasien, Lamers-Winkelman, Francien, Finkenauer, Catrin & Schuengel, Carlo (02.08.2015). Family Functioning and Children’s Post-Traumatic Stress Symptoms in a Referred Sample Exposed to Interparental Violence. Journal of Family Violence
Finkenauer, Catrin, Buyukcan-Tetik, Asuman, Baumeister, Roy F., Schoemaker, Kim, Bartels, Meike & Vohs, Kathleen D. (18.08.2015). Out of Control - Identifying the Role of Self-Control Strength in Family Violence. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 24 (4), (pp. 261-266) (6 p.).
Muusses, Linda D., Finkenauer, Catrin, Kerkhof, Peter & Righetti, Francesca (19.04.2015). Partner Effects of Compulsive Internet Use - A Self-Control Account. Communication Research, 42 (3), (pp. 365-386) (22 p.).
Buyukcan-Tetik, Asuman, Finkenauer, Catrin, Siersema, Merel, Vander Heyden, Karin & Krabbendam, Lydia (01.02.2015). Social Relations Model Analyses of Perceived Self-Control and Trust in Families. Journal of Marriage and Family, 77 (1), (pp. 209-223) (15 p.).
Visser, Margreet M., Telman, Machteld D., de Schipper, J. Clasien, Lamers-Winkelman, Francien, Schuengel, Carlo & Finkenauer, Catrin (23.06.2015). The effects of parental components in a trauma-focused cognitive behavioral based therapy for children exposed to interparental violence - Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial. BMC Psychiatry, 15 (1).
van Delft, Ivanka, Finkenauer, Catrin, Clasien de Schipper, J., Lamers-Winkelman, Francien & Visser, Margreet M. (01.08.2015). The mediating role of secrecy in the development of psychopathology in sexually abused children. Child Abuse and Neglect, 46, (pp. 27-36) (10 p.).
Billedo, Cherrie Joy, Kerkhof, Peter & Finkenauer, Catrin (01.03.2015). The Use of Social Networking Sites for Relationship Maintenance in Long-Distance and Geographically Close Romantic Relationships. Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking, 18 (3), (pp. 152-157) (6 p.).
Finkenauer, Catrin & Buyukcan-Tetik, Asuman (01.01.2015). To know you is to feel intimate with you - Felt knowledge is rooted in disclosure, solicitation, and intimacy. Family Science, 6 (1), (pp. 109-118) (10 p.).
de Jong, Rinke, Alink, Lenneke, Bijleveld, Catrien, Finkenauer, Catrin & Hendriks, Jan (01.09.2015). Transition to adulthood of child sexual abuse victims. Aggression and Violent Behavior, 24, (pp. 175-187) (13 p.).
  2013 - Scholarly publications
Stroebe, M.S., Finkenauer, Catrin, Wijngaards, L.D.N.V., Schut, H.A.W., Van den Bout, J. & Stroebe, W. (13.02.2013). Partner-Oriented Self-Regulation Among Bereaved Parents - The Costs of Holding in Grief for the Partner’s Sake. Psychological Science, 24 (4), (pp. 395-402) (8 p.).
  2012 - Scholarly publications
de Ridder, Denise T D, Lensvelt-Mulders, Gerty, Finkenauer, Catrin, Stok, F Marijn & Baumeister, Roy F (2012). Taking stock of self-control - A meta-analysis of how trait self-control relates to a wide range of behaviors. Personality and Social Psychology Review, 16 (1), (pp. 76-99) (24 p.).
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Professor of Interpersonal Relationships, Biological Psychology, VU University. 

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