The current climate change has big consequences for humans and environment worldwide. How can we deal with this complex issue, the biggest challenge for mankind? Researchers from Utrecht University study the climate, the Greenhouse effect, climate change and the role of humans. And in this way, contribute to a sustainable future. 


9 August 2019
Calculations by hydrologists from Utrecht University formed the basis for the 2019 Water Risk Atlas.
16 July 2019
Dr. ir. Jaap Nienhuis receives a NWO Veni grant for his proposed framework, which will predict change for all the river deltas globally.
Cooling the planet
25 June 2019
The lacklustre political response to the climate crisis is fuelling the call for resolute technological interventions, observes Jeroen Oomen.
Ontbossing in beheerde bossen in Washington (VS). Foto via iStock/halbergman
17 June 2019
Planting trees in arid areas can sometimes worsen the environmental circumstances, environmental researchers from Utrecht University confirm.
Sanne Akerboom at the Makkelijk Praten podcast
14 June 2019
Scientists from Utrecht University talk about their research (and funny science facts) in the 'Makkelijk Praten' podcast.



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