Testimonial Tim Vermeire

Communication and Marketing Officer at the Faculty of Humanities

Portret Tim Vermeire

Growing and developing

Tim Vermeire: “When I was looking for a part-time job, I ended up working at Utrecht University thanks to my network. I wanted to combine that position with my work as a social media freelancer. What appealed to me right away was room to grow within the organisation. This also applied to the possibility of exploring various domains. I started at the School of Law and currently work at Humanities. This faculty is very diverse. I'm responsible for the marketing of Communication Sciences to Religious Studies. I expected beforehand that there would also be space for development. That turned out to be the case. For instance, I recently went to a social media event. Courses for Professional Advising and English have also been planned.”

“There is a lot of room for personal development here.”

Dynamic environment

“My work is very diverse. One moment, One minuite I'm organising a big event such as the Master Open Day, the next I'm coordinating a movie project for the website or updating the social media channels of the Faculty of Humanities. I work with different kinds of people; from academics, marketing colleagues, colleagues from catering or security to students. The university offers a dynamic environment where everyone can be approached. You can easily go to colleagues to ask them for their opinion or to make a joke.”