The Alumni Office organises events where international alumni can meet up with each other as well as rekindle their connection with Utrecht University. Find out more about our upcoming and previous events below.

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See our Dutch calendar for more events in the Netherlands (in Dutch).

  • Upcoming events

    • Botanic Gardens during Weekend van de Wetenschap

      Sunday October 2nd is the Weekend van de Wetenschap! The Botanic Gardens will be accessible for free that day, you will find the festival pavilion in the Gardens and one of our scientists - Isabela Pombo Geertsma - will give a workshop on plants in the kitchen and in the medicine cabinet. The programme of the Weekend van de Wetenschap will be in Dutch.
    • College Tour with Marion Koopmans

      We are hosting a College Tour with Alumnus of the Year 2021 Marion Koopmans on 6 October. Moderated by Sicco de Knecht, students will be able to interact and discuss with her.
    • "Europe: As good as it gets?"

      The fifth annual Johan Willem Beyen lecture will be given by Caroline de Gruyter on 11 October 2022 to celebrate the LEG European Governance Day.
    • Studium Generale - Russia’s power game

      Journalist Eelco Bosch van Rosenthal (NOS/NTR) takes us through the changes in the global balance of power in a series of interviews. Today's topic is Russia's power game. In cooperation with Studium Generale, we are offering our members the opportunity to dine with the interviewer and guest speaker prior to the interview.
    • Studium Generale - Europe's revival

      Sign up for the third en last in a series of Studium Generale interviews on the changes in the global balance of power. In cooperation with Studium Generale, we are offering our members the opportunity to have dinner with the interviewer and the guest speaker prior to the event.
    • Start of the Academic Year 2023-2024

      The annual celebration of the start of the academic year of Utrecht University will take place at 4 September 2023.

I felt goosebumps when the first pictures of Utrecht and the University appeared on the slides.

Alumna from Greece who moved to Barcelona after studying Energy Science at Utrecht University

More information about the international alumni networks of Utrecht University can be found here. Are you interested in the possibility of alumni events in other cities? Please let us know via email