Your PhD from start to finish

GSNS PhD Guide - coming soon 

At the beginning of your PhD



During your PhD


  • Complete the compulsory training in Responsible Conduct of Research & Teaching, see PhD education
  • Follow training to develop your academic or transferrable skills, see PhD education 
  • Arrange your annual PhD progress meetings with your supervisory team 
    Please note: PhD candidates with an employee status can combine the annual PhD progress meeting with their assessment and development interview 
  • Your 1st annual PhD progress meeting can include the go/no-go decision
  • During your last annual PhD progress meeting – one year before the end of your PhD track – make a plan of completion together with your supervisors.
  • Arrange for regular meetings with your mentor
  • Know where to find support during your PhD

Finishing your PhD


  • Make sure that your thesis manuscript is conform with doctoral thesis requirements and the GSNS thesis guidelines & hand it in to your supervisory team 
  • Once approved by your supervisors upload your thesis manuscript to MyPhD.
  • Your supervisory team will appoint an Assessment Committee (to be approved by the Board for the Conferral of Doctoral Degrees) and send them your manuscript through MyPhD
  • Once your Assessment Committee has been approved, contact the Beadle’s Office to set a preliminary date for your PhD defence.
  • When your doctoral thesis has been approved by the Assessment Committee, the preliminary date of your defence will be changed to a definite date.
  • Know the arrangements to be made for your PhD defence ceremony. Including deadlines. 
  • Optional: Request a GSNS PhD Training Certificate, see PhD education ​
  • Defend your doctoral thesis. Congratulations!
  • Know your options for after your PhD – contact career services

Relevant documents 
Need a proof of enrolment? 
  • An official proof of enrolment (for visa etc.) can be requested through email to