PhD education

As a PhD candidate you should reserve time to take courses and attend seminars. Courses are either related to the subject of your research or intended to improve your skills or for personal development. The former will usually be offered by the research school you are a member of. The latter are mostly offered by the graduate school. These courses may help you to improve your research planning, scientific writing and presenting, communication with your supervisors and teaching. During the second half of your track you should start to think of the continuation of your career. The graduate school and the UU has courses available in professional development and career orientation.

Discuss your educational needs with your supervisors; at the start and yearly during Assessment and Development interviews. Courses provided by the graduate school can be followed by PhD candidates that are employed by Utrecht University and that are registered in MyPhD as members of the graduate school. Use MyPhD to make a list of the courses that you intend to take during your PhD.

Please note! Most courses involve a fee. Before you register, ask your supervisor or program coordinator about the available budget!

Please note! Currently, within the Graduate School of Natural Sciences the PhD course on Scientific Integrity (available in the near future) will be compulsory. Keep in mind that National Research Schools and your department may have additional requirements.