About us

Physics research and physics education at Utrecht University cover a broad field. The department of Physics is recognised as being among the best in the Netherlands and the world. Here, the best teachers, eminent researchers and active students come together to form a lively community, building on a long tradition of studying a wide range of physical phenomena.

Physics in Utrecht means

  • The best teachers and researchers
  • Coverage of a wide range of fields, both in teaching and research
  • Focus on talented, highly motivated students and researchers
  • Focus on world-class, international research
  • Broad offering of research areas and Master’s programmes


Annually, over a hundred first-year students arrive in Utrecht to take part in the Bachelor’s programme in Physics and Astronomy (in Dutch). Together with senior students and young international researchers, they form a friendly and enthusiastic group, who inspire each other, as they gradually get to feel at home in many aspects of physics. Students play an important part in the physics community in Utrecht, not least through membership of the study society A-Eskwadraat. Through activities such as the online school networknatuurkunde.nl and development cooperation, the department also reaches out to the wider outside community.

The department offers a Bachelor’s programme through the Julius Institute. Graduates can then follow one of the many two-year Master’s programmes.

The department offers the following Master’s programmes: 

The strongly internationally oriented research atmosphere offers students opportunities to follow part of their education abroad, and students from other countries are invited to participate in the international Master’s programmes, e.g. in Theoretical Physics.


Research in Physics at Utrecht University is highly internationally oriented and is conducted within one of the five research sections of the department: