Department council

Department Council

Staff and students representation at a departmental level takes place in the Departmental Committee Physics (DAC). The Departmental Committee advises the board and serves as a platform for advice and suggestions to the members of the physics district in the Faculty Council. The committee meets approximately six times per year, prior to the faculty meetings.

The minutes of the meetings of the DAC are available on the website of the DAC, accessible for staff and students of Physics and Astronomy only (login with solis-id).

The committee is made up of four student members and four staff members and is supported by Joshua Peeters.

Department Council website (in Dutch)


  • Gerhard Blab (chair, member of the Faculty Council, Debye)
  • Joost van Zee (ITF)
  • Sandra Tap (IMAU)
  • Marcel Scholten (Debye)
  • Laura Scheffer (student SONS) (member of the Faculty Council)
  • Nils Warsen (student)
  • Stijn van Aartsen (student) (member of the Faculty Council)
  • Sam Borman (student SONS)