The Department of Physics and Astronomy hosts a unique group of scientists and supporting staff addressing problems in physics, from the smallest scales of elementary particles, via the 'human' scales of climate dynamics, to the largest scales of cosmology.

The department has a long history of excellence in physics research and education. Today, we consist of about forty tenured staff which excel in research on topics such as String Theory, Cosmology, Hard- and Soft- Condensed Matter Physics, High-Energy Physics, Nanophotonics and Climate Physics. About fifty graduate and more than a hundred undergraduate students start each year in the broad Bachelor's programme and the four specialised Master's programmes.

The role of physics in society is expected to increase even more in the (near) future. The application of physical concepts and methodologies will remain important to drive innovations in industry. In addition, physicists will make major contributions to the development of research fields such as biology, sociology, health sciences and economy. As head of this department, I see it as my task to nurture and encourage current departmental strengths, but also to stimulate new, interdisciplinary research themes such as biophysics and complexity research.

I encourage you to explore our website and learn more about the research, educational and outreach activities within the department.

- Henk Dijkstra, head Department of Physics


Ben Feringa
16 November 2017
Prof. Ben Feringa (2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry) will give the Debye Annual Lecture: The Art of Building Small on Thursday November 16, 2017.
6 November 2017
Prof. Giuseppe Mussardo was appointed to be Kramers visiting professor from the first of November 2017 until January 31 2018.
24 October 2017
Researchers from Barcelona, Madrid and Utrecht have managed to construct nanoparticles that spontaneously assemble into structures with special properties.


28 November 2017 16:00 - 17:00
Climatology and firn processes in the lower accumulation area of the Greenland ice sheet
12 December 2017 16:00 - 17:00
21 December 2017 15:00 - 19:00
December the 21st we will organize the 23nd Princetonplein Muziekfestijn. We are looking for enthusiastic musicians and singers!