Bachelor's programme

The Bachelor's programme Natuur- en sterrenkunde (Physics and Astronomy) takes three years and comprises 180 EC (European Credits), of which 67.5 EC are compulsory courses, 52.5 EC are electives linked to the major, 45 EC are free electives and 15 EC are assigned to the compulsory research project at the end of the programme. The electives within the major can be used to optimally prepare for one of the master programmes, whilst the free electives are available to broaden the perspective of students (e.g. by completing a minor in education) or to gain further insights into physics and mathematics. The topic of the research project at the end is chosen by the student, based on projects offered by the research groups in the department.

For bright students Utrecht University also offers double degree bachelor programmes (physics & mathematics, physics & chemistry). Moreover, an honours programme in Physics and Astronomy is offered. This is a selective, extracurricular programme that starts in the second year of the Bachelor’s programme. Its aim is to introduce students to advanced research at an early stage in their studies. Annual intake to the programme is limited to six to eight talented and highly motivated students.

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