Economics is everywhere. You encounter it every day.

Our English-language Bachelor’s degree programme in Economics and Business Economics will suit you, if you are interested in questions like these:

  • Why are some countries rich and others poor?
  • What are the benefits of the euro as the principal currency in Europe?
  • How can we make health care affordable?
  • Why do people start their own companies?
  • How can subsidies and taxes help reduce pollution?

Broad view

If you choose to study Economics and Business Economics at Utrecht, you are choosing to take a broad view of economic issues: the real-world perspective. What are the needs and objectives of people and organisations in our complex society? What choices do they make in order to fulfil those needs and achieve those objectives? To find answers to these questions, we analyse economic issues using insights drawn from other fields such as Geography, Law, Social Sciences and Applied Data Science.

International learning environment

Your insights will be enriched by the international learning environment offered by Utrecht University School of Economics (U.S.E.). Our students come from more than 50 different countries. And this programme crosses multiple borders: linguistic, geographical and disciplinary.


Mode of study:
Language of instruction:
3 years
Tuition fee:
  • Dutch and other EU/EEA students (statutory fee 2022-2023, full-time): € 2,209
  • Institutional fee 2022-2023: € 9,895 (EU/EEA), € 11,000 (non-EU/EEA)
Offered by:
Law, Economics and Governance
Degree: This Bachelor's programme is officially registered under its name in the Central Register of Higher Education Study Programmes
BSc (Bachelor of Science)
Croho code: