Approved data requests

An overview of approved data requests can be found below. These applicants have given consent to publish their complete data request.

Data Request Forms: 

  1. Albers: Reproducibility_frontal lobe volume measurement
  2. Boks: Epigenetic traces of maternal alcohol use in children at birth
  3. Bos: Connected and in control II: Development of functional connectivity related to behavioral control
  4. Bos, Gooskens, Ambrosino, et al: Connected and in control: The morphology of large-scale functional networks supporting behavioral control
  5. Buimer: Childhood adversity and brain structure
  6. Fakkel: Intermediate socioeconomic distribution of the YOUth Child and Adolescent cohort
  7. Fakkel (CID Special issue): Socioeconomic sampling effects and adolescent social competence and behavioral control
  8. Fakkel: Rater effects in the assessment of self-control 
  9. Gehring et al: Air pollution exposure and preadolescent cognitive function
  10. Gooskens and Durston: How do environmental factors impact the development of cognitive control and its neural circuitry?
  11. Gooskens: The combined neurobiological and behavioral stratification of self-regulation in childhood 
  12. Hessels: Can machine learning predict children's social development from oculomotor signatures in eye tracking data?
  13. Hessels: Developmental eye tracking – the good, the bad and the ugly
  14. Hofstee: The early development of self-regulation
  15. Hofstee: The effects of different categories of environmental factors on the development of self-regulation in young children over time: A parallel process latent growth curve model
  16. Holleman: Using dual eye tracking to study gaze behavior during parent-child interactions
  17. Holleman: Gaze behavior during parent-child interaction: Turn-taking, conversation topic, speech content.
  18. Klis, vd: Infants coordinated gaze and gestures
  19. Kloe, de: Do eye-tracking measures relatie to social competence and behavioral comntrol in school-age and pre-adolescent children? 
  20. Kloe, de: Is the Tobii Pro Spectrum a suitable replacement for the Tobii TX300 in a large cohort study?
  21. Kloe, de: Automatic estimation of infant posture in videos of parent-child interaction
  22. Lammertink et al: Alterations in developmental trajectory of large-scale brain network in preterm born children
  23. Pas: Individual variability in the spatial distribution of fMRI activation patterns in adolescence
  24. Pas: Functional brain networks underlying self-regulation pre-puberty 
  25. Portengen et all: The role of gender in the neurophysiological processing of adult emotional faces in 3-year-olds
  26. Velde, vd, Junge: EEG recordings in developmental cognitive neuroscience data loss
  27. Velde, vd: Network characteristics of the developing infant brain
  28. Zwarte, de et al: The developing prenatal brain, family history of psychiatric illness, and postnatal functional outcome