Approved data requests

An overview of  all approved data requests can be found as preregistrations in the YOUth Registry of the Open Science Framework.

Below are all approved data requests from before our partnership with OSF.

Data Request Forms: 

  1. Albers et al: Reproducibility_frontal lobe volume measurement
  2. Belteki et al: How infants direct their gaze to faces and objects: The development of the face pop-out phenomenon in the first year of life
  3. Berg, vd et al: Differences in the performance of the antisaccade task and its predictability based on self-reported inhibitory control as a function of age
  4. Boks et al: Epigenetic traces of maternal alcohol use in children at birth
  5. Boomen, vd et al: The effect of Covid-19 related measures on face and emotional face processing in infants and toddlers
  6. Bos et al: Connected and in control II: Development of functional connectivity related to behavioral control
  7. Bos et al: Connected and in control: The morphology of large-scale functional networks supporting behavioral control
  8. Buimer et al: Can inter-individual differences in facial-emotion recognition speed and neural facial-emotion processing in late childhood be explained by age, sex and social competence?
  9. Buimer et al: Childhood adversity and brain structure
  10. Decovic et al: Who Regulates Whom? Longitudinal Transactional Relationships Between Parental Support, Parental Stress and Self-Regulation in Early Childhood
  11. Doyran et al: Multimodal Analysis of Parent-Child Dyadic Interactions
  12. Fakkel et al: Intermediate socioeconomic distribution of the YOUth Child and Adolescent cohort
  13. Fakkel et al (CID Special issue): Socioeconomic sampling effects and adolescent social competence and behavioral control
  14. Fakkel et al: Rater effects in the assessment of self-control 
  15. Gehring et al: Air pollution exposure and preadolescent cognitive function
  16. Gooskens et al: How do environmental factors impact the development of cognitive control and its neural circuitry?
  17. Gooskens et al: The combined neurobiological and behavioral stratification of self-regulation in childhood 
  18. Gooskens et al: Connected and in control: The morphology of large-scale functional networks supporting behavioral control
  19. Haar, ter et al: Early predictors for phonological development: babbles and birds
  20. Hessels et al: Can machine learning predict children's social development from oculomotor signatures in eye tracking data?
  21. Hessels et al: Developmental eye tracking – the good, the bad and the ugly
  22. Hofstee et al: The early development of self-regulation
  23. Holleman et al: Using dual eye tracking to study gaze behavior during parent-child interactions
  24. Holleman et al: Gaze behavior during parent-child interaction: Turn-taking, conversation topic, speech content.
  25. Klis, vd et al: Infants coordinated gaze and gestures
  26. Klis, vd et al: Language measures in the YOUth study: Validating the modified N-CDIs and PPVT-III-NL scores
  27. Kloe, de et al: Do eye-tracking measures relatie to social competence and behavioral comntrol in school-age and pre-adolescent children? 
  28. Kloe, de et al: Is the Tobii Pro Spectrum a suitable replacement for the Tobii TX300 in a large cohort study?
  29. Kloe, et al, de: Automatic estimation of infant posture in videos of parent-child interaction
  30. Lammertink et al: Alterations in developmental trajectory of large-scale brain network in preterm born children
  31. Pas et al: Individual variability in the spatial distribution of fMRI activation patterns in adolescence
  32. Pas et al: Functional brain networks underlying self-regulation pre-puberty 
  33. Portengen et all: The role of gender in the neurophysiological processing of adult emotional faces in 3-year-olds
  34. Teeuw et al: The moderating effect of parenting on the association between structural and functional brain development and parent-reported externalizing behavior in late childhood and early adolescence
  35. Telea et al: Testing data visualization techniques on eye-tracking data
  36. Velde, vd et al: EEG recordings in developmental cognitive neuroscience data loss
  37. Velde, vd et al: Network characteristics of the developing infant brain
  38. Verhoef et al: Stability and Change in Parenting Profiles across Infancy and Toddlerhood
  39. Zwarte, de et al: The developing prenatal brain, family history of psychiatric illness, and postnatal functional outcome
  40. Zwarte, de et al: Automatic measurements of fetal brain volume from 3D ultrasound scans