YOUth data collection

YOUth provides an extensive (longitudinal) data set on brain and behaviour development from two cohorts: Baby & Child (pregnancy - 7 years) and Child & Adolescent (8 - 16 years).

These data include 3D-ultrasound sweeps of the foetal brain, eyetracking, EEG, (f)MRI, computer tasks, cognitive measurements and parent-child observations. We also collect a broad range of questionnaires on behaviour, personality, health, lifestyle, parenting, child development, use of (social) media and more. Finally, (umbilical) blood samples, buccal swabs, saliva and hair samples are collected at each visit, and stored in the UMC Utrecht Biobank


A complete overview of the data collection can be found in our interactive prospectus (also available as Excel document). Our catalogue with item-level descriptions is under preparation, and will be added here when available.

YOUth prospectus