YOUth study design

YOUth is a prospective cohort study with repeated measurements at regular intervals (i.e. 'waves'). Specifically, the study has two inclusion moments: YOUth Baby & Child and YOUth Child & Adolescent. 

Research waves for YOUth Baby & Child (left) and YOUth Child & Adolescent (right)

Baby & Child

The first group, YOUth Baby & Child, includes 3000 pregnant women at 20 weeks of pregnancy, and their partners through hospitals and midwifery practices. All women presenting at these hospitals and practices for their routine visits, are asked to participate. Recruitment has started in July 2015 and is still ongoing. The children that are being born from these pregnancies visit our ChildResearchCenter at several moments during their lives and are followed for at least 6 years.

Child & Adolescent

The second group, YOUth Child & Adolescent, includes 3000 children aged 8, 9 or 10 and their parents through primary schools and events. These children visit our ChildResearchCenter every three years.


Making an ultrasound for the YOUth study

Broad age range

YOUth applies a flexible longitudinal design for the cohorts. This means that children will be measured at broader age ranges (3-year age ranges) at each wave. The main benefit of the flexible age design is that it will provide more detailed information on the neurodevelopmental curves over time.