YOUth is a large scale, longitudinal cohort following Dutch children in their development from pregnancy until early adulthood. We focus on neurocognitive development involved in two core characteristics of behavioural development: social competence and behavioural control. 

Use YOUth data

YOUth data is open to everyone: we aim to be a trailblazer of sharing science. More information on our data sharing policy and the data request procedure can be found on our data page

YOUth provides different types of (longitudinal) data on brain and behavioral development, from two cohorts: Baby & Child (pregnancy - 7 years) and Child & Adolescent (8-16 years). These data include 3D-ultrasound sweeps of the foetal brain, eye tracking, EEG, (f)MRI, computer tasks, cognitive measurements and parent-child observations. We also collect a broad range of questionnaires on behaviour, personality, health, lifestyle, parenting, child development, use of (social) media and more. Finally, we collect (umbilical) blood samples, buccal swabs, saliva and hair samples. 

Amount of collected data

The graphs below show the amount of data collected per measurement. These are unique participants, who can participate more than once within each category (e.g. multiple MRI types or multiple questionnaires). If you hover over the graph, you will see the exact numbers. The graphs will be updated periodically.

Description of the YOUth cohort

A detailed description of the YOUth study: rationale, design and study procedures can be found in the YOUth cohort profile paper. 


For more information about the YOUth Cohort, please contact project manager Coosje Veldkamp.