YOUth Cohort Study

YOUth (Youth Of Utrecht) is a large-scale, longitudinal cohort following children in their development from pregnancy until early adulthood.

A total of 5,000 babies and children from Utrecht and its surrounding areas will be included in two different age groups and followed at regular intervals.

The YOUth data enables researchers to look for answers to all sorts of scientific questions on child development. A few examples of YOUth data: human bodily material, hours of videos, MRI images, questionnaires, ultrasounds and IQ scores. YOUth encourages and facilitates data sharing. It is one of the leading human cohorts in FAIR and open data in the Netherlands.

You will find a detailed description of the YOUth study: rationale, design, and study procedures in the YOUth cohort profile paper.

On the Data Acces page you will find out more about accessing our data.

For more information about the YOUth Cohort, please contact project manager Coosje Veldkamp.

YOUth is part of the Utrecht University research theme Dynamics of Youth and part of UMC Utrecht Brain Center