YOUth is a large scale, longitudinal cohort following nearly 4,000 Dutch children in their development from pregnancy until early adulthood. We focus on neurocognitive development involved in two core characteristics of behavioural development: social competence and behavioural control. 

YOUth encourages and facilitates extensive and appropriate use of its data by bona fide research organisations and bona fide researchers. Our data are available for GDPR-compliant use in research through safe, managed access. Requesting data is simple: submit your proposal and select the data you request with just a few clicks via our online data request system. The YOUth data are provisionally free of charge.

Interactive prospectus of all YOUth data

A detailed overview of all the data collected within the YOUth Cohort Study is visualized in an interactive prospectus. The graphs in this prospective show the number of participants per experiment (ordered by cohort and participant type) and gets updated periodically.


For more information about the YOUth cohort, please contact project manager Coosje Veldkamp.

In language acquisition research, we typically work with relatively small samples. Collecting data of a sample the size of an average school class is already time-consuming for one PhD student. Larger samples including a wide variety of children, like the sample of YOUth, provide more reliable results. This allows us to examine even the smallest individual differences across children