The data request system

On this page you will find information about how to request your YOUth data. 

You need a Yoda account to access the system

Within the system you can choose between two types of requests: a general data request or a request for data quality control. The latter is for internal YOUth Domain Responsibles only.

After approval of a data request, but prior to obtaining access to data and materials in our repository, we require researchers to first preregister their approved data request in the YOUth Registry on the Open Science Framework. Amendments to approved data requests must also be registered as updates to the preregistration in the YOUth Registry, where all versions (including prior versions) will remain publicly visible.

Please note that the data request form is tailored towards projects that include testing of hypotheses using (inferential) statistics; if this does not apply to your project, please indicate ‘N/A’ in the fields that pertain to the statistical analyses. In the next update of this system, a form tailored towards projects not testing hypotheses using statistics will also be available.