Request our data

Everybody is welcome to use our data. For this you can make use of our data request procedure.

In YOUth, open sccience plays an important role. In this way, we are implementing the Utrecht University's open science policy described in the strategic plan. 

YOUth encourages and facilitates extensive and appropriate use of its data. To promote this, YOUth goes to great lengths to produce high quality, FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable), and thereby sustainable data while safeguarding the privacy of participants. Our data sharing policy and the full data request procedure is described in detail in the YOUth Data Access Protocol. Please read this document before submitting a data request.


Information about data requests for projects that are not yet funded

Researchers who wish to use YOUth data in a project that has not yet been funded and intend to mention the use of YOUth data in a grant proposal first need to contact the YOUth project manager (dr. Coosje Veldkamp) . The proposed project will be discussed in the Executive Board, and if evaluated positively, the Executive Board will sign a Statement of Intent to share YOUth data. 

In the documents below you can see what such a Statement of Intent looks like.