Platform for Interdisciplinary Education

Platform for Interdisciplinary Education
Studenten lopen samen een trap af
Photo by Bart Weerdenburg

One of the key aims of the Utrecht Young Academy is to increase interdisciplinary teaching and academics within Utrecht University. The way that education at Utrecht University is structured now, disciplines are headed towards isolation while interaction between fields has shown to be productive and refreshing. To reach more insight in our own discipline and those of others, the Utrecht Young Academy is creating a platform for Interdisciplinary Education. The Utrecht Young Academy is in a unique position to create this platform because of the diversity of disciplines represented in our group. An interdisciplinary platform will open up different fields with the exchange of ideas and best practices, and will create synergies across departmental, disciplinary and faculty lines. For more information on the UYA's activities around Interdisciplinary Teaching, contact Rianka Rijnhout.

Interdisciplinary teaching is needed in order to address societal problems adequately, and to equip students with the skills and expertise they need to tackle them
The Education Fair

The Education Fair is an annual symposium that revolves around teaching, pedagogy and innovation at Utrecht University. This year the theme of the symposium was Interdisciplinarity: Building Bridges. Interdisciplinarity is one of the key aims of the Utrecht Young Academy and so we were present with a booth at the information market. Members of the Utrecht Young Academy have presented the course: How to make Interdisciplinary learning happen? 

To learn more about The Utrecht Young Academy's participation during The Education Fair, click here.


TAUU Workshop

The Teaching Academy of Utrecht University recently organized a workshop on Interdisciplinary Education in collaboration with UYA-members dr. Rianka Rijnhout and dr. Brianne McGonigle Leyh. 

Twenty teachers from different faculties came together to discuss the definition of interdisciplinary teaching, the added value and the challenges that we may face. To read more about the workshop, click here

Interdisciplinary Masterclass

UYA Members Susanne Knittel and João Trabucho Alexandre collaborated in an interdisciplinary Masterclass, combining their fields of Comparative Literature and Geology. To read more about the Masterclass and whether the experience was fruitful, click here.