The role of leaders in cultivating an organisational climate for inclusion

To realise the benefits of a diverse workforce and mitigate negative outcomes, it is essential that organisations establish a climate for inclusion. However, despite organisations’ increased efforts and significant investments towards that end, D&I policies with the aim of creating a diverse and inclusive workforce are often found to be ineffective.

Given the well-established impact of leaders on employees' work experiences and their roles as implementers of D&I interventions, leaders likely play an essential role in cultivating inclusive workplaces. However, scholarly attention to this role has been scarce. My Ph.D. project is focused on investigating the role of leadership in fostering and supporting an organisational climate for inclusion, and the impact of the leader on employees' inclusion experiences. Using a multi-method approach, this project aims to contribute to filling this critical gap in the literature.


This project is (partly) funded by Goldschmeding Foundation.