The Netherlands Inclusivity Monitor

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The Netherlands Inclusivity Monitor (NIM) supports organisations in making their workforce more diverse and in creating an inclusive climate where all employees feel they belong and can be themselves. The NIM provides organisations with an overview of how coherent, systematic and evidence-based their diversity policies are. In addition, it measures how employees evaluate the climate for inclusion in their organisation.

The NIM consists of two instruments: The Policy Scan and the Employee Scan. Both instruments are based on scientific insights from various studies and are scientifically validated. The NIM Policy Scan monitors the extent to which the diversity policy of participating organisations is (a) integrated across HR domains, (b) systematically developed and implemented, and (c) evidence-based. The NIM Employee Scan  measures how inclusive employees experience the organisational climate to be. This provides insight into whether the diversity policies have the intended effect in the workplace.

Each participating organisation receives an extensive report with evidence-based advice to improve their diversity policies and insight into the extent to which different groups of employees experience an inclusive climate. Organisations are benchmarked each year. In an overarching analysis, we hope to extract the key success factors that contribute to a diverse and inclusive organisation.