Social perception in the workplace

Sociale beeldvorming op de werkvloer

When conducting research and developing interventions on the topic of Diversity and Inclusion, we want to use insights from relevant scientific literature, such as work on social perception. However, much of the scientific research focused on social perception is based on data collected outside of the Netherlands, such as in other European countries and the United States. In this project, we examine the perception of social groups in the Dutch society at large, as well as in organizations in the Netherlands in particular. The research shows how different social groups are perceived in terms of multiple dimensions of social evaluation (such as warmth and competence).


This project is conducted in collaboration with Nobbe Mieras, a company providing presentation and leadership programs for professionals that are partly based on insights from scientific research. Nobbe Mieras applies relevant scientific knowledge on social perception to the workplace in organizations within the Netherlands, which is why they greatly value data collected within this particular context. 

Researchers UU

Non-UU employees

  • Farah Nobbe
  • Natalie Holwerda-Mieras