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Access to the Utrecht NMR Facility through iNEXT

The Utrecht high-field NMR facility (SONNMRLSF) provides access to guest researchers and trainees from EU and associated countries. Access is also possible for companies and researchers from other countries (please contact staff first). Currently, access is provided in the context of the iNEXT-Discovery initiative  funded by the European Commission (Horizon2020 project #871037).

The solution state NMR machinery consists of a 900 MHz, a 750 MHz, two 600 MHz and a 500 MHz NMR spectrometer, all completely up to date with respect to the current needs of high resolution solution NMR. One of the 600 MHz spectrometers and the 900 MHz spectrometer are equipped with cryoprobe systems for maximum sensitivity. Our solid-state NMR infrastructure consists of an 800 MHz wide-bore, a 700 MHz standard-bore, a 500 MHz wide-bore and a 400 MHz wide-bore machine. The 400 and 800 MHz ssNMR machines can be used in combination with DNP for extra sensitivity. Depending on the spectrometer, we have MAS probes ranging from 1.3mm to 4mm.

In 2021, a 1200 MHz NMR machine has been installed for the shared use between solution state NMR, solid state NMR and micro-imaging for the dutch NMR community and external users (uNMR-NL).

Besides the NMR machine park, the facility is enhanced with extensive computational and dedicated wetlab infrastructures.

Visiting researchers receive scientific and technical support from specialists who are also willing to participate in collaborative research projects when acceptable for both parties involved.

In addition, the Utrecht NMR facility can provide advanced training of young scientists.

Access procedure

In order to obtain access to the Utrecht NMR Facility a peer-reviewed proposal system exists which is explained in more detail on the iNEXT-Discovery website. For questions concerning the application procedure please contact 'your' Facility at any time!

Contact information

Dr. Andrei Gurinov
NMR research group
Bijvoet Center for Biomolecular Research
Padualaan 8
3584 CH Utrecht
the Netherlands

Phone: +31 30 253 9925

The general procedure for obtaining NMR time

  • Consult our facility staff first for technical feasibility of the project and availability of the equipment!
  • All visits should in principle be transnational!
  • Projects should be 'translational', i.e. bridging structural biology research with applications in biomedical, biotechnological, biomaterial, food or environmental research.
  • An iNEXT-Discovery webform should be prepared and submitted through
  • If the local staff agrees, in principle pilot experiments could be performed to assist the pre-screening and to evaluate the feasibility of the project.
  • The submitted proposal is forwarded to two members of an international proposal review team.
  • After final approval, NMR experiments and visits can be scheduledwith the Utrecht facility staff.


Financial support for each iNEXT-Discovery project covers NMR machine use, travel to and from the facility or sample transportation, and subsistence costs for visiting researchers. Financial support does not include consumables needed for the material to be investigated. All financial aspects are dealt with in agreement with the conditions set by the EU.

Data resulting from iNEXT-Discovery access should be published. Relevant research data must be made available within one year after publication of the research results, or within five years after the visit, whichever comes first, unless agreed upon otherwise. The European Commission requires that all publications arising from iNEXT-Discovery activities will be Open Access.

The financial support by iNEXT-Discovery should be acknowledged in publications, as well as oral and poster presentations as follows: “This work has been supported by iNEXT-Discovery, grant number 871037, funded by the Horizon 2020 program of the European Commission”. Also, any of these events must be communicated with the staff of the facility!

Research project titles and team members that use the facility will be reported to the EU in Periodical Reports.

For visiting researchers

Traveling is organised by the visitor. If necessary or desired, accommodation (Hotel, B&B) can be organized by the facility.

The costs for visiting researchers will be dealt with as follows:

  • In principle the facility will reimburse all costs of public transport to and from the facility, including economy fare by plane and/or train. Connecting transportation from airport or railway stations in the Netherlands will be reimbursed to a maximum amount of 36€, in the home country to a maximum of 45€. Travel bills have to be submitted for  accounting. Visitors who travel by car will receive an amount of 0.19€ per km upon providing gasoline bills, parking tickets, etc.
  • Upon agreement, accommodation costs will be paid directly by the facility. This could include breakfast, but no other services offered by a hotel like telephone costs or beverages. For extended stays we may expect visitors to use a guest house or Bed & Breakfast.
  • Receipts are required to reimburse expenses to cover lunch, dinner, and local transportation. In principle these reimbursements will not exceed 30€ per day.

Payment to the researcher is done by bank transfer after filling out the Utrecht University reimbursement form for non-UU employees that can be prepared during or after each visit.

If reimbursements are not completed within a period of two months, please contact Dr. Andrei Gurinov (