Solution-state NMR

The Utrecht solution-state NMR group is focused on the elucidation of structure-function relationships of (bio)molecules. NMR is arguably the most powerful spectroscopy around, providing details on molecular structure and dynamics at the atomic level. 

The Utrecht NMR group, established by prof. dr. Rob Kaptein and prof. dr. Rolf Boelens, made several key contributions to the methodology and automation of structural analysis by NMR. The Utrecht NMR group was involved in one of the first protein structure determinations by NMR (lac-repressor headpiece, 1985), and determined the first structure of a protein-DNA complex (1987). In addition, the group has and continues to play a large role in European structural biology platforms.

Currently, the solution-state group comprises the research team of Dr. Hugo van Ingen (since 2017), emeritus prof. dr. Rolf Boelens and facility manager dr. Hans Wienk.

Information on the solution NMR Facility can be found here.