Ph.D. position Baldus group

Currently, we are searching for a PhD candidate in the following field:

Developing and applying in-situ Solid-state NMR spectroscopy on biomaterials

Our group has shown the use of Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (DNP) for studying intact cellular systems (for recent work see, e.g., Kaplan et al., Nature Methods 2015 or Jantschke and Koers et al., Angewandte Chemie Int. Ed. 2015). As a PhD candidate, you will use state-of-the-art equipment available at the NMR group including DNP instruments at 400 and 800 MHz to obtain further insight into the structural organization of Diatoms which are unicellular eukaryotic microalgae that produce intricately structured cell walls made of amorphous hydrated SiO2:



You will closely work together with members of the NMR group at UU and you will be involved in regular interactions within an international team of researchers. The position is funded by a research grant of the German Research foundation (DFG) within the Research group “Nanopatterned Organic Matrices in Biological Silica Mineralization” to Prof. dr. M. Baldus.

The successful candidate should have a Master’s or equivalent degree in chemistry, physics, or biology with a general interest in biophysics, physical chemistry and spectroscopy. Experience in NMR or a related spectroscopic method is desirable.

Further details
For further information contact Prof. dr. Marc Baldus (Phone: +31-30-2533801,