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The Utrecht facility for high-resolution NMR (SONNMRLSF) provides access to Dutch researchers. Access to the facility is supported by the Council for Chemical Research of the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO-CW). In addition, the Utrecht facility is the central site of the uNMR-NL consortium of Dutch Magnetic Resonance research groups.

The solution state NMR machinery consists of one 900 MHz, one 750 MHz, two 600 MHz and a 500 MHz NMR spectrometer, all completely up to date with respect to the current needs of high resolution solution NMR. One of the 600 MHz spectrometers and the 900 MHz spectrometer are equipped with cryoprobe systems for maximum sensitivity. The solid-state NMR infrastructure consists of an 800 MHz wide-bore, a 700 MHz standard-bore, a 500 MHz wide-bore and a 400 MHz wide-bore machine. The 400 and 800 MHz ssNMR machines can be used in combination with DNP for extra sensitivity. Depending on the spectrometer, we have MAS probes ranging from 1.3mm to 4mm. Some of our NMR spectrometers can be equipped with laser equipment for light-related experiments.

In 2015, a 950 MHz NMR machine has been installed for the shared use between solution state NMR, solild state NMR and micro-imaging. In 2021, this system was upgraded to a 1200 MHz system.

Besides the NMR machine park, the facility is enhanced with extensive computational and dedicated wetlab infrastructures.

Use of the Utrecht NMR Facility should acknowledge "SONNMRLSF at the NMR group in Utrecht" in all resulting publications and presentations, indicating the type of instrument and the name(s) of the staff member(s) that helped with or carried out measurements (where appropriate).

Visiting scientists get scientific and technical support from specialists who are also willing to participate in collaborative research projects when acceptable for both parties involved.

The procedure for allotting resources is simple:

1  Fill out the application form:
Application form (.html)

2  Return the completed form to:

Dr. Andrei Gurinov
NMR research group
Bijvoet Center for Biomolecular Research
Padualaan 8
3584 CH Utrecht
The Netherlands


After receipt, the project is evaluated by:

SOLUTION STATE NMR: Dr. Andrei Gurinov / Dr. Hugo van Ingen

SOLID STATE NMR: Dr. Andrei Gurinov / Prof. Dr. Marc Baldus

Upon acceptance the applicant will be contacted and instrument time can be scheduled.

Generally, preparations for pilot experiments could be started already after initial informal contact.

No financial support is available for travelling, accommodation and subsistence.