Personalised Medicine & Health

It’s critical that we develop customized therapies based on each patient’s unique genetic make-up.

It's obvious that most treatments are not one-size-fits-all. We've entered the era Personalized Medicine and Health, also called Precision Medicine. Just as the terms indicate, we're becoming better at separating patients into groups based on their particular genetic make-up and phenotypic determinants. This allows for more specific diagnoses and medical decisions (and even prevention), along with customised treatment regimens, based on each individual patient's risk of disease and predicted response. 

The power of this new approach to medical research and care is wide-spread, and it has the potential to significantly impact cancer care; systems medicine approaches for immunological disease; the discovery and validation of biomarkers for (cardiovascular) disease; microbiome research; innovative drug development; specialized nutrition; and exposure science leading to advanced system-based approaches to study a person's environmental (non-genetic) exposure over the course of his/her lifetime (exposome).

If all patients have earlier access to care and to effective treatments and preventative measures, we have a real chance to lesson the burden of disease both socially and economically.