Frank van Kuppeveld

Frank van Kuppeveld
“There are actually very few anti-virals at the moment”

Prof. Frank van Kuppeveld is Professor of Molecular Virology at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. His research focuses on the method of replication of RNA viruses in host cells. Specifically, he studies how these viruses are able to "hijack” certain cellular factors and structures in order to replicate their RNA genome. He also researches how these viruses are able to suppress the cells’ antiviral resistance mechanisms.

“Utrecht’s research centre is one of the best in the world”

The ultimate goal of the work is to develop new antivirals. Utrecht University has one of the largest virology departments in the Netherlands and the University Medical Center Utrecht also has a large virology department, which opens up many opportunities for collaboration. Van Kuppeveld also coordinates a European training network (the EUVIRNA consortium) for young researchers in the field of RNA viruses and antivirals, working with European experts from various disciplines. These collaborations enable the development of the best possible solutions for fighting viral infections.

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